Saturday, May 8, 2010

DT exp -02

Hola everyone!
A little update from my side. =)
Transportation here is very cheap. It will always cost RMB 1 to travel by bus or tram no matter how far the distance is. Pretty convenient huh ? I planned to visit one of the tourist hot spot this morning but my buddy didn’t allowed me to do so as he said that it is very dangerous to go there alone.
Today was a very relaxing day and there’s sun! I love sunshine now but I hate the wind. I took a tram to the place where it is like the combination of Bukit Bintang and also Chinatown in the morning. Had a walk in a few shopping mall but nothing interesting about that. The shopping mall here doesn’t look like midvalley or OneU, it is more like BB plaza. I went to carrefour for fun to see if there’s difference between the one in Malaysia and china. Guess what I saw ? Winter Melon which is as big as my laptop bag and also durians which is the same size as nangka. I was really amazed by the size of it though. Lol And they sell all parts of the pig in carrefour like how Malaysian sell the fried food. I was asked to eat the pig’s hand (I do not know the proper term for it) and also the pig’s liver on the first day I arrived. I eat pig liver at Malaysia but only with lots of cili padi to kill the weird smell. But, its different here. They will cut it into slices which are as big as luncheon meat and eat it with bread or rice for breakfast.
Then, from there I board on the tram but I do not have a destination in my mind. The tram stopped in front of Xinghai Park and I got off the tram and went into the park. I had spent a few hours there sunbathing under the sun and chill. The weather was great. I realized that I have not been so relaxing for months though. I mean roaming around the street without a concrete agenda and plans. was great ! After that, I proceed to another station by tram and walk around. I wanted to buy postcard but when I went into a bookshop, they only sells books for exam preparation. There’s 2 shelves of book for each subject and also every major exam like our PMR and SPM. It was really amazing. You have a rough idea now on how hardworking these china students were. And I heard that they often sell the notes which they made themselves to their junior after exam. But I think nobody will buy that in Malaysia. We often give it for free.
But, public toilet is still awful. I was in Xinghai park and there’s a bunch of aunties who came by tour I suppose. They went into the toilet before me. And guess what ?They did their business without closing the door. I was like “eeewwwhhhhhh” And the toilet stinks. The best thing is when I went into the toilet wondering if the door is safe enough, one aunty open my door and I came out. I gave up and left.
swt to the max. I'm a toiletphobic now. fml

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