Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DT exp-01

Fun facts about China
1. Marriage is a big thing for the females in China. My buddy told me that guys will think of extraordinary wedding proposal to attract the females. I saw a few interesting one last Monday when we took a stroll at the park nearby. At first I saw a limousine with the married couples standing at the overhead roof of the limousine waving to strangers as if they are the royal couples. -.-‘’ The limousine was followed by 6-7 red colour BMW. I was like :”woahh..sai mm sai ohh”. Then my buddy explained it to me the reason behind it which I had mentioned it earlier. Then, I saw a few other cars with ribbons and bears but they are not as crazy as the one in the limousine though
2. People here like to introduce themselves by English name but not their Chinese name. I got my own number the other day and I had a few messages from anomynous people which I believe are the locals here. My buddy will ask me who’s the one who text me earlier and I told him the English name of the person and he will go like :”nani? Who the hell is XXX ?” hahaha..I was like “ am I suppose to know ?” funny right ?
3. Dishes are really big here. We were at the restaurant inside one of the university here and the locals ordered a few dish. But, when the dishes came, I was like “ this for 4 person ?I think that it is for 8 person instead” And they are just side dishes. They have main course like mee or fried rice. I was like “okay..interesting but I can’t eat that much”
4. When we Malaysian say “simple eat aka 随便吃吃” we do mean simple meal will do right? It’s very different here. I was told that my breakfast will be simple bread and milk or maybe porridge but it somehow ended up with a few dishes and the main dish will become the side dishes.
5. When they mean a little, that means a lot which is very different from us. For eg, when we say our room is a little messy, we mean that it is actually tidy but things are misplaced somewhere. It is totally a huge difference here. I will let you know the story personally if you want to know about it. Sherrie has already heard of this though. Haha..
6. They block facebook, youtube, twitter, blogspot and also plurk. Die lahhhh..what will happen to my karma 
7. They refer lunch as dinner and dinner as supper. I was confused earlier. A girl texted me to ask me out for dinner at 11am. So, I was like okay..maybe she just want to bring forward the time. But then, another friend text me at 5pm to tell me that he’s going for supper right now. I was like “huh? supper at 5pm? Yao mou gao chor ar?” but then I remember what the girl did earlier so I think it is common.

Okay..I will save the others for the next post. That’s all for today :D Hope you like it. 


ryn said...

everything so dramatic there!

IuhniX said...

yes indeedd

Kate said...

yea drama.

but the dinner and supper thing same here in aus too. i was confused when i first heard of it.

Kelvin said...

They basically block everything in their internet lol XD

~WilL!@m~ said...

*double jealous* But it was nice to know all this! LOL!

Shi Wei said...

so interesting! same as TW with the big portion of meal (They say M'sian one meal is only 1/3 of TW's..I was like crazy ah? haha) and also English name part (Some of them have English names that even their own friends don't even know!lol..And you might be surprised that even small kid has English name too~ rofl) :D

Shi Wei said...
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IuhniX said...

and they will ask "what is ur latest english name ?" i was like wth. name also got new and old 1 meh..

the meal portion is double the size of malaysia. i ate porridge for lunch and they look at me as if im an alien as porridge is for breakfast only

Beatrice said...

So what is your latest English name? ;)

Let me guess...Britney? Helen? or Gemma? Hannah? Skye?

Did i get anyone correct?? Lol...