Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun fact about China part 2

1. At the North-east of China(the province which I’m at now), they have special education system. You can choose to learn either mandarin-english or mandarin-japanese when you are in primary school. It is either you know English or you know Japanese. I have a friend whom learn Japanese since young and now he just started to learn English in the language center.
2. I quote my buddy: “If you want to know if a guy is good or not, you must see if he bring tissue paper along when he go out.” The reason is this country is over populated with males and females are on demand which is different from Malaysia. I’m not sure how true his statement is, but it is still interesting.
3. They don’t have wireless internet in their university! Probably not the whole china, but there’s nothing called wireless internet in two of the famous campus in the city. The 3 Malaysians took 2 hours to explore the whole uni and found that there’s nothing called wireless connection in their university. I miss Tetamu ukm and jaringukm so so much. They don’t have things like maxis broadband, they don’t have wireless service at Mcd, Kfc and Pizza Hut. =(
4. They have lots of pharmacy here and only minimum amount of clinics. I can tell that those people who work in the pharmacy are not pharmacist, they are just random aunties but they have absolute right to prescribe medicine to you. They have a huge variety of medicine la..from Chinese medicine to western medicine and they are not cheap at all. I start to miss the cheap medicine we used to get in Malaysia.
People here are very nice especially my team mates! They are Amy, Han Lin and Chris. They are taking very good care of me and I’m looking forward to our upcoming events and bonding activities! Awww..I’m going to miss them so much after I leave this city. I hope these 4 weeks will pass as slow as possible so that I can do everything I want before I leave.
The weather here is getting better now. I can go out without the sweater anymore. But, the weather will turn cold in the morning or in the evening. Bbrrrrrrr…I love the weather in the afternoon and that means I can wear shorts and skirt soon. Hahaa..nice ! But, it is amazing that I didn’t sweat at all for the past 2 weeks. =)
Everything is fine here and I’m eating very healthy meals every single day. My host family is very good in cooking. *smiles* I’m trying to walk as much as I can so that I will not get fat after 6 weeks in Dalian.
I think I will try to upload picture of food here and tell you how cheap are they. I can bet that if Kai Jia comes here, she will eat non-stop. For example, we can get a cup of milk pearl tea at the price of RM2, 15 gyoza at the price of RM3 and a lot more. Awesome right? They serve in very very big portion too.
p/s: Caryn, they don’t really sell postcards here. Will send it if I can find any.

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i dont bring tissue out.. lol.. so im bad? =P