Monday, May 24, 2010


Here I am blogging again.

Last week was an interesting week. Let me recall what happened.

First, we had workshops in a few primary school then we had a off day on Wednesday. We went to a few places in Dalian. Thanks Jack for being such an amazing company. He’s the guy that has the ability to make everyone laugh throughout the whole journey. We saw the tiger statue with Chris’s direction. And we did a few jump shot there. It was ultimately fun! Lol. My project partner, William from Indonesia has arrived last Thursday. We love speaking bahasa to each other and make people feel blur about it. Hahaa.. We are mean I know. But, they always speak mandarin in front of all the interns and they don’t understand a single word about it. Last Thursday and Friday was off day because all of them were busy with their sports day and we spent most of the time in the office.

They have this Develop your leadership Day on Sunday. But, we had faci training only on Saturday. They did it in a completely different way from Malaysia. It wasn’t really faci meeting. It is more to telling the faci what to do and the faci has no rights on deciding anything. Sounds pathetic right? We could have carried out a better conference with the inputs we have and yet we were restricted. I felt so restricted for the past 3 weeks that I don’t really care what to tell anymore. I had told them what I can help and yet they didn’t really give a damn about it. It seems that they don’t trust our capability at all. The way they do things is completely different from our LC where interns have full power on some small projects. Furthermore, we are all X+LR EP. We gave them our feedbacks and hope that they will take some action on it.
But the most amazing thing is that they able to recruit 250 student in a week time. And they have only 7 people to work in their conference team. And what they did was a 2 hours promotion in a few universities. Imagine the conferences in Malaysia actually took 5 months to prepare and months to do publicity and yet the outcome wasn’t that good.

I get to know a few new friends who are not AIESECers and also a few AIESECers from the conference. I taught them to play the blanket game as the ice breaking game (Thanks to Chris who gave me full authority on choosing what to play) and also shared my journey with the delegates. Glad to see that some of them are interested in joining the organization.

I had two meals outing with the locals at the restaurant. They ordered a lot, to the extend of 12 dishes for 10 people. We often have two fish dishes on the table and I felt that it is a waste compared to what we normally eat in Malaysia. We had seafood the other day and it only cost RM17 per person which is quite cheap. Imagine, 12 dishes of seafood. Memang can eat till we die. Ai Ling and I became smarter now because we choose to share meals now. It helps in saving our budget and also not waste the food we ordered.
And this will mark the end of my third week in Dalian. I can’t imagine that time actually pass that fast and I’m going to leave this city in 3 weeks time. Backpacking, here I come.

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