Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm here!

Hi everyone !

Phew...finally I can use blogger. They ban blogger here.
Everything actually.
From Youtube, Fb, twitter, plurk and blogger.
How nice right ?

First day was fine. Pudong airport was filled with the Expo's mascott. I spent 6 hours there and even had my lunch there. But when I went up to the plane, they served me lunch. I ate a lot and I realize how small my stomach is compared to the people in China. hahaha..Everytime when they asked me to eat more, I will tell them that I'm already full. lol.
I want to upload pictures but it doesnt really work here. Grrrr..I guess I will upload once I'm able to. I can't surf the net at night. I can only do it in the afternoon I guess for now, only for a while. I miss you peeps a lot :)
It's freezing cold right here and I'm suffering actually. Had a little sore throat and I had completely lost my voice this morning. I think I catch a cold. but, things are better right now. Food here are cheapp. hahaha..seriously cheap and they serve in very big portion. I'm like omg. Food are very different from Malaysia. People here are nice. My host family and buddy were great. I had durian as dessert for two consecutive night which I dont even eat it in Malaysia. How rare is that. I guess I'm sick because of the durian right now. hahah..My travel partner, 'coco bear' is sleeping on my bed right now. Will take lots of picture with him and show it to all of you soon.

Will update more when I got my internet access ! :)


Beatrice said...

Lol...seldom log in to blogger, but this time did it just to read your blog. Oh, so it is winter there. Must be freezing. Do keep warm.
My parents told me about your internship in China. Have a great time there. And blog as much about it as your internet allows you.

Do take care, girl...Miss you.

shean said...

Take care of your health ar xin hui...have a great time there....^^

~WilL!@m~ said...

*jealous* I also wanna go!!!!!!! :(

IuhniX said...

thanks beat! it suppose to be autumn now but the winter prolong. its freezing cold here. :(

i will blog as much as I can once i got the internet access. so, stay tune !

thanks shu shean !updated the other blog too.

haha..william, come after graduation a.jia also want to come :)