Friday, June 18, 2010


Hi everyone!

How art thou ?Missing me ? :)

Just a quick update after quite a long while.

I ended my internship last thursday. It was a pretty good ending. We had a suprise birthday celebration for my buddy. It was well planned I should say because I'm the planner ma..
I think most of the important people are in this picture already. We shared too much good memories together.

At night, my buddy tried to suprise me by taking me out at night. We went to the office and they decorated the room with words. But, I suspected something because we never go to the office at night. I meant for no reason. It was indeed a very nice gathering. He manage to pull a few of them out from the VP election speech and we had singing sessions together.

My homestay family brought me to the famous beijing roast duck shop to have roast duck as my farewell dinner. It was indeed a good treat I would say. The duck meat was awesome !


The next day, the other Malaysian girl and I lefted Dalian for Beijing. Their train station is like airport. A few of them came to send us off. It was like a pre-farewell thingy. I felt glad for coming back to dalian to meet up with them before depart for hangzhou.


The following pictures will be what I did in beijing in short. Will write a longer one when I'm back to Malaysia.
We visited a lot of tourist spot and we walked a lotttttttt. I dont understand why did I get fat in 3 days time because I didn't eat much. I met up with Fernando and his friends and we celebrate his birthday together.

This was taken at summer palace :) We spend RMB 10 to get from one side of the palace to the other side.
Took pictures with lots of historical building. It was very exciting to see them on my first day. :D

We hiked The Great Wall in 2 hours ! We did it ! :) It was awesome I would say. hahaha..very very very steep slope and stairs but I'm proud of myself now. Will challenge the other two great wall some other day. :)

That's all from me for now. Will write more soon !

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