Monday, July 26, 2010

Learning their language part 1

'Masuk kandang kambing mengembek'

When you are in foreign country, the first thing to do is to learn their language. Since we look exactly like them hence it will be good if we can immitade the way the speak so that they wont suspect that we are tourist at all. The good thing for me is Dalianese speak normal mandarin and its easy for us to understand.

The first word I learn from them is 纠结(jiu jie) which means confused/undecide.
郁闷-more like emo.

We, Malaysians like to add -lah at the end of our sentence right ? For the chinese, they add the word 呗(bei). For example, 你拿去呗 ; 吃饭了呗;

They also replace the word 什么(shen me -what) with 啥(sha). eg: 这是啥?为啥呢?

They use 俺 to replace 我 sometimes.

They have a magic word which is 挣(zheng).

eg:他去挣钱了;我的肚子好挣 ;你就挣点饭吃吧。They told us that this word can replace all the kata kerja and it make sense for them. lol

They use baidu instead of google for their main search engine. The good thing is that they can 'baidu' easily with their mobile phone. There's another joke regarding baidu. Me and Sherrie were at Pudong district on our first day in Shanghai and we thought of going to one of the prestigious temple for some snack around there. So, we ask for direction from a shopping mall. We were actually looking for the sex museum at Pudong district earlier but they close it already. unfortunately. We were thinking of snapping pictures as souvenir for KK and DKKY. Well...

The guard actually told us to 'baidu'. And we were like 'how the hell are we going to 'google' to that place?' We thought the guard didn't want to help us at all, so we went to the second person. The best thing is we got the same answer from the second person. Our reaction was 'wtf. these shanghai people. doesnt want to help us at all'. We knew that something went wrong and we politely ask how to write the word 'baidu' and what is the exact meaning. We know we sound like an idiot la. baidu also tak tau. The guy explained to us later that baidu means a boat. He wanted to tell us that we can walk to the ferry terminal and take the ferry across the big river to the Puxi district. I wasn't taught about that at all.

Okay. the end of part one. I will write when I remember more.


ken said...

if i go china, i think it's hard to survive.. lol coz im bad in chinese =P

IuhniX said...

you learn to speak mandarin can already. pinyin is enough i guess.

IuhniX said...
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Casendra said...

haha... a good one!