Thursday, July 29, 2010

The wishing tree

At one of the tourist in Hong Kong, there lies a wishing tree. My first reaction when I saw the tree was OMG --> wishing tree = take more picture with the tree ! lol .
See ?Can make your wish come true too ! Hence, I took a picture with the tree before proceeding to the next destination.

We were happy with the picture. It was a nice background right ?
The happiness didnt last long. The bus conductor told us to wait for an hour for the next bus to come. So, we choose to sit near the tree.

We were chatting happily under the tree. Not until when we came to realized that the tree look a bit weird. So, we stood up and touch the leaves. and we found our that it was a FAKE tree. Can you believe that? We were proud of ourselves for a second. Then, we spent the whole day enjoying looking at people who pray in front of the tree because they do think that it is a real wishing tree after all. ftl.

We took a few pictures of the tree as a proof of the fake wishing tree.

Can you tell me how can our wish come true lah....
Maybe I should make one somewhere so that people will take picture with it anytime. Then, I can start collecting money from those who make a wish at the tree. Hmmmm..

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