Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random HK

Do you know that HK is only one river away from ShenZhen? They are so close to each other.

Victoria Harbour day view. Never miss the light show at Victoria Harbour everyday 8pm. Ming jie told me that we can see the light show from The Peak. We waited till 810pm but we didn't see anything. The reason is because we were standing behind the light show. No wonder we cant see anything. haha..
Another Victoria harbour picture.
Unlike China, there's a lot of money changer in HK. You can't find one in China. In China, we have to go to the bank, fill in a form and submit the form before we can change our currency. And not all banks have this service and not all bank accept Malaysian Ringgit. My friend tried to change his RM in Dalian but none of the bank accept Malaysian Ringgit. The local told us that the bank in Shanghai and Beijing might accept Malaysian Ringgit. Hence, never bring Malaysian Ringgit to China!

As for HK, all the money changer offer different rate. Some offer very very low rate and yet some offer high rates. We conclude that all the money changer in ChungKin Mansion(The place we stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui East) offer quite a good rate.
The Ding-dong bus from British era.
You can see lots of Philipino on the street during public holiday. On that particular day, we couldn't find a single local. Everyone on the street are philipino. See! they even make themself comfortable in their own way.
At Nam Cheong station.
The end <3


jfook said...

A simple yet informative post on HK. :)

Sooky said...

Like the color of 2nd photo from the top. Big enough & clear.. LOL!

ken said...

wish to visit HK one day.. some of my family members went edy, so not fair hor.. haha =P

iuhnix said...

hi jfook, thanks for the feedback.

sook chan, the weather was very good and hence explain the nice colour. I dont have to do anything with it.

ken, perhaps you can book a ticket next year since airasia is having promo =)

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

wah..the photo on the victoria harbour, the skies so clear unlike when I went there it's so hazy