Monday, August 16, 2010

Dalian 01

I'm gonna start blogging about the trips I had in China.

I think I have done with HK right now. If you have missed it, click here, here,and here .

You might have read about the post I wrote about Labour Park at Dalian or the one with pictures I took on my first week at Dalian. :)

I'm going to talk about a few place which I've been to and you must see it yourself if you have the chance to go there.

Dalian is basically a very young city. They founded Dalian 100 years ago. Yeah..So, it is impossible to see redish emperor style building or old famous temple in Dalian. In fact, you can't find a proper temple here in Dalian. I remember once when Lawrence and I were at ZhongSan park, we saw this old temple-like building. It was our first time seeing a temple in Dalian. We ran up the staircase happily and saw a lot of vendors selling antiques and stuff there. I was telling Lawrence that now I understand why they dont pray in Dalian because temple is like their Petaling street. Then, both of us show Jerry the picture of the temple. We told him that there really is a temple in Dalian. He took a glance at the picture and he told us that it wasn't a temple. It was previously a hotel. He said hotel right ? People in Dalian dont have a specific religion. Most of them are free-thinker like me. They only have one/two christian churches in Dalian.

The temple which I'm talking about.
Muslims are the minority there unlike cities like Hangzhou where you can see mosque everywhere. Yes, this is the only mosque in Dalian. Credit to Lawrence for both picture.

After travelling 4 cities in China, I think Dalian is the best place to stay. First, food is cheap and in very big portion. Second, public transportation is very cheap. Normal bus fare is RMB 1 while small mini bus charge RMB 2 for bus fare, unlike Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. The best time to visit Dalian is around May-June period as you can still see sakura flower and enjoy the cold weather. But, the weather can be very cold sometimes(10 degree celcius). Since the city is located near the sea, the weather can be very misty in the morning. Dalian is situated at the North East part of china and the temperature can go down till negative 30 degree celcius. phew*

One of the must-see tourist spot is Xinghai Square(星海广场)。 Xinghai Square is one of the largest square in Asia. There's a lot of olypmpic related sculpture and trees. I stayed very near to XingHai Square and trust me, the buildings there are pretty awesome. XingHai is like Mont Kiara of Malaysia. To get there, you need to take bus/tram to Exhibition center or XingHai Square.

They have this white colour structure in the middle of the square. They call it 华表。 You can see different zodiac sign below it and it is also another must see thing in Dalian.

There is a very big book at the end of the park. It is actually symbolize the open book. This is a very famous thing in China as you can see it everywhere but in smaller version la. lol They believe that the people there will become wiser when they have the book facing the sky.

Picture shows half of the book as it is impossible to capture the whole book.

Before the book, there's this path which is made of copper as well. They have 100 footprints by 100 people of different age. Age 0-100. Different occupation and background as well. It symbolize the people at Dalian. Before this path, it lies a letter written by the first city mayor to the person who will take over his job 100 years later. They opened the letter when they celebrated the 100 years anniversary and buried it back later.

There's a theme park next to the book. You need to pay if you want to play the games.

There's also a bridge which will connect to HaiZhiYun Square. I heard that the place is very romantic with lots of nice sculpture. Too bad it was under construction when we went there and we were not allowed to enter there. :(

Oh yeah..there's a lot of copper sculpture at XingHai square which you shouldn't miss it at all.
I will stop here today and will continue soon.

Thanks for reading =)

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