Wednesday, September 8, 2010

84- 4/9/10
I was at Malacca last saturday with my coursemates. It was the best thing to do after 2 weeks of exams. =) Now, I realized that I've been to Malacca a lot for the past few months. Same food, same place. But, still it is a new experience for us as this is our first time getting out of KL togehter

85- 5/9/2010
Went to bookfair and met up with Ian for lunch. I was so excited to see those books but I must must control myself or else I will need to declare bankrupcy. Now, I have 6 books to keep me busy for my two weeks break. <3<3>

Will be writing more soon.


aiwei said...

I am currently reading the keeper's daughter too!!

wanna get lovely bones too. too broke now. maybe later. *sobsob*

iuhnix said...

it was really cheap. i start reading keeper's daughter already :)