Thursday, September 2, 2010

The best place to stay at Hangzhou

We had a pleasant stay at Hangzhou. The name of the backpacker hostel is 4 Eyes Backpacker International Youth Hostel/四眼井青年旅社。It is located at 'Hu Pao Lu' and just opposide of Hangzhou's Children Park. It is at the top of the slope. Right above the bus station. Nice rightt ?Not good if you have a huge luggage with you.

Well, I didn't get much picture of the place as it was raining on our last day and they kept most of the furniture up. We didn't take any pics on the first 2 days as we thought that we will have enough time on the last day. lol

I love the deco there and how they place their stuff. It is definitely a special place to stay and I will be going back there for sure if I'm going to Hz again. They have very good security too as you need a special card which is attached to your lock to enter your block. But, if you are carrying a huge luggage, just take the important stuff with you to your room. Or else, you will have to carry the luggage and climb the unlimited stairs. They have only two or three room per floor and the max you can go is 4th floor. And you need to do some climbing before reaching your block. A very good place to train your muscle I would say but it is worth it. :)

The reception center. Their receptionist can speak good english and you can meet a lot of european backpacker there.

On your left is the 8/10 bed mixed dorm. They have dorms, private room and family room. Price are reasonable as well.

The board on the swing. <3In front of the pub where they watch world cup every single night.

Pictures from all over the world.

The map of the famous hua shan in Hz. Look so ancient right ?

The special door lock. One thing about China is that they never fail to amaze me with the type of lock they have. Should have brought some back.

Our room on our second night. We stayed in this japanese tatami room with bathroom attached on the first night and it was RMB 150 I think. We didn't book the room for second night and they told us that we have to change to another japanese tatami room as there's not available room anymore.(It was a saturday). The good thing is the later is 20 RMB cheaper.

Not until when we realized that the toilet is one curtain away from the bed. hahaha. no TV, nothing. Only bed and bathroom. Interesting right ?However, it is quite a spacious room for two people. We were saying that it will be a perfect room for newly wed or couple. haha FIY, the curtain is made by a very thin material.

More picture from the hostel. If you want to be more adventures, they have special indoor camping site where you will be staying in the tent. Below is part of the camping site.

The art room.

From the other side of the hostel.

At the place where you can surf the internet/meet new people/watch TV/drink/eat/play poolThe typical front view of the hostel.

Owh. I forgot to tell you. They have 2 pets. One is the big dog call Sam if I'm not mistaken and the other one is this little poodle. This poodle is super ganas weh. She wanted to rape the big dog.

Last picture of me @ the swing.

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