Saturday, September 18, 2010


89- 17/9/10
Went to a new hairdresser and he change my fringe to bangs. He said my face will look smaller with the new hairstyle. =D I need time to get used to the new hairstyle now. Well, at least it is a new change before the major one end of this year. *If and only if my hair is long enough by then*
Went yamcha at night with psw. I told the girls that he ajak us for yamcha yesterday but unfortunately none of them were interested. 5 guys turned up and they had fun talking about bulding a new computer and Old Trafford. I'm happy as I got my minitab and spss software from ks. Maybe I should teach poow how to use his minitab to do data analysis. He said his version doesn't support statistical analysis. gah.

I went through my shanghai expo picture yesterday and I realized that I had chose to post up 100 out of 400 pictures. fml. I have to deal with all the resizing and editing.

I had so so much fun at JJ today! It reminds me a lot of the time we spent at JJ after form 6/form 5. Movies, pool, foosball, photo hunt and karaoke. Shall we do it again end of this year? When everyone is back?

Till then. <3


Kate said...

definitely do it again this year end!

ryn said...

i like your back frm china hair more... ur hair dresser bluff u one!!
what u doing end of this yr? cut short?

michelle said...

ur hair on sat looks better than this picture.

yaya...we should do it again,hope i won't b so "hak chai" again to get stomach ache!!=D

iuhnix said...

kate : yeap yeap! beat will be back too. :)
ryn : haha.angle prob kut. u mean the fringe i cut after i came back from china? im not sure yet. will tell you via skype :)
mich : haaha..thankyou! yes yes. we will do it again! over and over again next year when both of us are in sban. <3