Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meeting up

87- 5/9/10

Chee Yang's farewell.

Had two different discussion on the same table. Nontheless, it was great catching up with each other and plan for the next semester break. *love* 88-12/9/10

Had three birthday celebration with my best friends at Seremban. Thanks everyone for all the love !We shall spend more time together end of this year as we planned. Can't wait :)

p/s: Mich, can send me the group picture we took ? :)


~WilL!@m~ said...

where is chee yang going?

iuhnix said...

he's at prague now. for one semester. :D

estelle said...
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iuhnix said...

it's okay. no worries :)

ryn said...

aku pun canot make it.. haha..tht picture everyone look so stoned

iuhnix said...

which one ?yang's one ?we took too many times already. coz some1 sengaja cari pasal