Monday, October 4, 2010

Break the wall

94- 3/10/2010
As you might notice from my fb status, my neighbour had renovation going on during the weekend and it was a nightmare for the rest of the neighbourhood. Imagine those loud hammering and drilling sound which can wake you up as early as 8AM ! freaking 8AM ! OMG.
The picture explains everything. The worst thing is they didn't inform us that they are going to break the walls between our house and theirs. My dad asked my mom later and my mom said our neighbour told her that they might dirty our compound but they will clean it for us later. Hello Aunty, dirty our house compound doesn't mean that you can break the walls between our house k ? folmax. I heard my dad questioning our neighbour as he was freaked out when he saw the contractor trying to break the wall. I didn't know that it was so serious until I walked out of the house and saw the broken wall. Arrgghhh


aiwei said...

haha...hope ur neighbour gave you cookies to express apology..

darryl said...

walao.. like that also can

IuhniX said...

Aiwei, unfortunately there's no cookies. hope to see some during deepavali though

ryl, tahu tak pe. indians ma.