Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shanghai Expo 10- Home country

Next, I'm going to show you what's is inside the Malaysia Pavillion.

We ran to the Malaysia Pavillion after visiting the China Pavillion. It meant a lot to me because I was away from Malaysia for 2 months and I miss Malaysia very very much. Going to Malaysia Pavillion is like heading back home except the fact that we are going to get a visa. ^^

This is the front view of Malaysia Pavillion. Can see the 1 Malaysia sign at the side ?It looks way better at night I would say. And they said that they will recycle all the material used for the pavillon for the environment sake. *That's what we told the primary school students*

At the entrance of the Malaysia Pavillion. Oh. If you are a Malaysia citizen, you just need to show your passport and you can skip the queue. The only benefit of being a Malaysian at Shanghai Expo.

There's no suprise in the pavillion I would say. Everything is very normal. It could be better if they put more effort in it.

Baba Nyonya was featured at the pavillion.

The batik surf board ? haha

They even have a fake rainforest inside the pavillion. The visitors loved it a lot as I saw many people took pictures there.

More batik :)

How can we forget the petronas twin tower?

Since the theme of the expo was 'better city, better life'. Malaysia pavillion had some exhibition about going green and etc.

They displayed our national mascott too. But, in a cuter version.

Our n0t-so-traditional National Costume. I would prefer the normal baju kurung/kebaya and the guys in sampin. Or maybe the traditional costume of our bumiputra. That will be nice, right?

Not forgetting the 1 Malaysia sign. I wonder if the rest understand what is the meaning of '1'.

The food menu. Before we went to the cafe behind the Malaysia Pavillion, we were craving for Malaysian food so much. Any curry/sambal will do. But when we looked at the menu, our excjaw dropped. Will you pay RM 15 for a cup of teh tarik ? Or RM25 for a plate of nasi lemak or a bowl of laksa? Trust me, the portion was very small. crazy ke?

Story from the Pavillion.
There was the guy who is the exhibitor there. He was making kerongsang for exhibition. My travel buddy asked me what was he making at that time. We were talking in cantonese language to make sure our identity remained as foreigners. haha. I told her that it was kerongsang and the guy was suprised. hahaha. His facial expression was priceless when he heard of the malay word. Then, every exhibitor knew that we were Malaysian and they dont bother to promote their product to us. boo. But, when we went to the second floor, we told the guy that we are Malaysian because we got interested into this made-in-sabah-chocolate-drink. He gave both of us 2 cup of sample and told us "Orang sendiri bagi cawan penuh, orang lain saya bagi separuh je". It meant 'I'm giving you one whole cup since we are Malaysian and I only give the others half cup for testing'. So nice of them. Sherrie and I were so so glad because we met nice people at the pavillion and we felt like home. =)

The end of Malaysia Pavillion and stay tune for more expo sharing. :)


melmonica said...

So niceee! My friend who is working at China also showed me some of the expo pics yday. Gosh, you guys are lucky to be there. Cheerios~

IuhniX said...

Thanks =)
You can be there too! It's not too late. October is the final month for the exhibition.

darryl said...

wow.. nice..

IuhniX said...

should see it urself ! more coming next :D