Thursday, October 21, 2010

I should start chanting.

102- 19/10/2010
Rewarded myself with pizza after spending half day at library completing my lab report.

I got my new exam slip from the office. my third exam slip for this semester. We were saying that we should keep the positive mindset despite having 6 major paper in a row.

Hence, I should start chanting 'I will have sem break after next week. Sem break after next week. Sem break after next week.' lol

Plans for Nov.
-Blog about the rest of the tourist site at China during the holidays/in between exams. If I need to release my stress. I'm not sure.
-Develop a work out plan for November.
-Apply for more jobs for the semester break.
-Not forgetting planning for trips in Nov and Dec and wait for beatrice to come back ! wheeee. reunions !


Albert said...

Walao eh, need to get exam slip from office? Such is the system of UM ho..

For UniMAP, we just print it from online :)

raudhah said...

smart kan your exam schedule?
such a liver-pain