Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The reason why you never send your child to public uni

101- 18/10/2010
It started with an announcement like this. MOHE wants all university to extend the holiday for Deepavali and arrange a new timetable for our exams. But the thing is, this announcement was announced on 18/10 which is 6 days away from the actual exam. The best thing is I already have 5 major papers next week and with the additional paper, I have total 6 paper. There's no study week and this is still the last week of the semester.

Why so smart lahhhhhh. Why dont they thought about it earlier ? They thought about raya but not Deepavali which is one of the most celebrated festival in Malaysia? What makes them realize about the sudden need to extend the holiday? The university claimed that they had asked the opinion of the student council. What is student council doing at that point of time? If they are doing their job well, why are they asking us to submit our appeal letter to them? Dont they feel that it is contradicting with the decision made earlier? So, submitting the appeal letter is just to calm the students down?
Hmmm. I seriously doubt the possibility of getting the timetable change again. Don't you think so?

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Albert said...

UniMAP have 3-week-holiday. But next week is supposed to be study week. But then change to holiday thanks to Deepavali...

Gotta make use of these holidays to make up grounds for my project... aiks