Thursday, November 18, 2010

After having fun for a day, Hui Xin told us that she felt that her stomach is growling, she could feel the acid juice in her stomach. It was a symptom of gastric. Then, she ended up in the toilet and vomitted for several time. Poor girl. At 2am, she told us that she needs to go to the hospital. We were backpacking and hence there's no transport for us to go out in the middle of the night. We had to wake the inn's owner up and she drove us to the hospital which is 2 km away from the inn.

Three hours in the hospital with super cold wind. The worst thing is the doctor asked us to stay at the waiting hall. fol It was crazy. After that, one of the attendant sent us back to the inn at 530am. We doze off immediately and woke up again at 730am to get our refund from the tour we booked. The tour agent understood our situation and refunded RM20 instead of RM25 as they had paid commission to the agent.

We went back to sleep later and Pui Kuan told us that she wants to come and visit us at our Inn. HX said that we could go out if PK is here since she had someone to accompany her. Instead of that, PK brought HX to Ipoh one day earlier as planned so that she can have better meals and more comfortable place to sleep at. The three of us went out after our breakfast to explore. From seven, we were down with 3. Seems pathetic huh? but, nothing can beat us. lol

We took the local bus and stopped at Kea Farm. Walked a little bit and followed the path to tea plantation. Note that tea plantation does not open on Monday. We know that we have to walk 2 km. 2 km will be an easy task. That's what we told ourselves. We slowly admire the scenery along the way until we were about 1km away from the actual place, we realize that we were already at the tea plantation. Not the main side of course. So, we decided to take some pictures there and walk back to Kea Farm since it started to drizzle.

One of the picture I took for Abby.
We did dropped by at the Robertson Rose Garden before heading back to Kea Farm. Perhaps I will show the flowers later. =) The rain drop gets bigger and we get to stop a kelisa to send us to Kea Farm. See..They are nice people right?
About Kea farm, it is definitely the best place to get vegetables. lol. We bought a lot there without thinking on how to carry it back to KL. We were backpacking remember? After that, we took the bus back to Tanah Rata, ran to our inn to put all our stuff there and took the following bus to Smoke House which is between Brinchang and Tanah Rata. The bus driver and the bus conductor had became our best friend in a day. We get to tell them where we want to stop and where we want them to pick us up so that we can go back to Tanah Rata. I think that's part of backpacking. We get to mingle well with the locals.It is interesting especially when you are at a foreign country.

The smoke house.
We hang around there for a while and took lots of pictures.
The night ended well with very nice chat and the bottle of wine we brought from KL. Sometimes, place like this really help to clear our mind and soul. I dont mind doing it again actually. The last day was another drama. lol. We were suppose to pay RM200 for two nights but they insisted that someone paid for both nights. The staff checked again and told us someone already paid for the first night. We thought it was HX but we didnt really bother because our bus to Ipoh was at 8am that time. Hence, we only paid RM100 for both night and thanks for the kind soul who accidentaly paid for our first night. Can't blame the inn because they have very very simple check-in system.

The best part is my whole body covered with rashes after I reach Seremban. Doctor said that I'm allergic to something. Oh yeah. and a upset stomach.

Dramatic sangat kan? I wish the trip will get better next time. less drama please.

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