Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lets say

Rumors are saying that my final year wont start until September 2011. which means I will have 4 and half month break. I'm thinking of the possible backup plans right now.

1. Get another internship but not related to Food Science.
2. Go for another internship abroad.
3. Earn more money for graduation plan.
4. Travel *again*.

After looking at AA.com, I decided to drop option 4. I should have bought the zero fare tickets. There's a risk that my semester will start in July. Can't afford to take the risk.

Hence, I'm left with option 1,2 and 3.

Option 1 seems good for me since I might (very high possibility) change my career path. I need experiences to back me up for my future.

If I'm going to choose option 2, I will go for India/Taiwan. Mainly India I think because I dont think I'm dare to visit India if I were to go there just for backpacking. Furthermore, they have very rich culture and it will be good to stay with the locals. But..but..India has serious quality issue. and and I heard that Germany and UK has DT now. So, it is possible for me to go there after graduation and stay there for 2 months. Argghh..can't decide which is better.

p/s: With the survey I did, I think I can visit Australia after graduation if I happen to get tickets next year. If not, I will stick to my original plan. *beams*

Okay. I think I should earn more money right now to make option 2 and 4 come true. Just hope that the 2012 prediction will not happen.

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