Friday, November 12, 2010

A dramatic trip

I've not been to such a dramatic trip before this. Two of my coursemates fall sick the day before the trip and one ditch us a day before that. From seven, we are down to four. We thought that the drama will end there. But, it didn't.

The four of us who continue the journey !
On our way to Brinchang.
 The Tanah Rata bus station.
Our first stop was Strawberry Moment after reading reviews from a few people. It was a very cool cafe I should say. Food was nice and will definitely write a review for it soon. =) 

Hui Min and I

The Strawberry Crepe all of us fell in love with. 

We wanted to go to the weekend night market but it was so dirty and it looked like a rubbish dump site for us. Hence, we didn't go there and we proceeded with steamboat ! We had it at RM12 although another man offered us RM10 but the lady told us that she would give us free flow of food. 
The famous charcoal steamboat. They used charcoal(placed inside the metal tube) instead of gas.
We missed the last bus that night and there were no taxi. *sadddddd* We went back to Tanah Rata by a truck. It was so windy and we enjoyed the cool breeze a lot despite feeling like an immigrant. fol.

We hang out around Tanah Rata and took a few pictures before we get back to the inn and end our day with red wine, cards and pillow talk. Life is bliss.
That's all for day one and will proceed with day two soon.


Nancy Poh said...

whoa..that's an awsum your pic on the truck..i used to go to school by truck during my primary school..

iuhnix said...

yeap :)