Thursday, November 11, 2010

Playing waitress

I got to play waitress for a day last friday. It was an event for GBH opening ceremony. Yeah..being a waitress for a day was quite an interesting experience. The job was pretty easy. Make sure that the food is there all the time and eat all we want. They brought all the pasar malam store there and we had free flow of food. Taofufah and popiah from pasar malam =D It was great. We had to stand all day long, with a few hour break in between.  We were in-charge of the buffet line in the morning, mainly refilling the water and food.Dinner was a bit crazy because we stood there for 1 and half hour before the actual event starts. Grrrr..and then, we stood for another 2 hour till we finish. After everything, we get to eat and dapao everything from the night market.  My leg hurts after I woke up. But, lesson learnt. For the past one year, I was in different dinner and conferences waiting for the food to be served. It was totally different last friday but yet it is the experience that counts. lol.

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