Monday, November 1, 2010

The Old Beijing

One day, we asked our friends where is the must visit sites in Beijing and they told us that it will be the Old Beijing, which is called 南罗鼓巷(Nan luo Gu Xiang) in mandarin. To go there, you can either stop at 'GuLou' station or take bus from BeiHai park. There's another station but I seriously forgot the name. The tip is ask the local and they will lead you the way =)

Actually Old Beijing is a large area formed from many Hutong (胡同). There's many small streets which linked to each other. If I'm not mistaken, Houhai (后海) and the YongHe Lama Temple is just nearby. If you love photography and antique buildings/houses, you must visit this place. Almost all the houses in that area are protected.

At the beginning of the street.
The map and brief introduction about the place.
The main street. This place is good for shopping, search for unique cafes, for food and unique souvenirs. If you love to take photo, it will be a good place for you too. If you want cheap clothes, never by from this street. You just need to walk a little bit to the street behind it and you will find very very cheap bargain. For example, a dress selling at the price of RMB25. Never never buy something from the main street.

One of the cafe there. As you can see, all the buildings there are very unique. I think it is just the right place for people to take pictures. Perhaps should dress up for Old Beijing next time :)

The Panda House.

One of the hangout place.

Our Chinese friends strongly recommended this dessert called 双皮奶(SuangPi Nai) as the must eat dessert in Beijing. It is so famous that a few shops is selling the same thing. All you need to do is to find the right one. The picture below show the most famous shop(Wen Yu) in Old Beijing. Everything is homemade and the stocks are limited. The queue is very very long and you need to do is just be patient.

Their opening hour is from 11am-they finish selling their products on that day. See? We were there around 3pm on the first day but everything was sold and the shop was closed. =( But, we tried our luck on the second day and the shop was open \o/

If you miss the famous shop, dont worry. You dont have to go to the other few shops to get the same dessert. You just need to go to the lane behind the shop and search for this one. Apparently, it was opened by the sifu of WenYu. Cool right? They had a brief introduction on the dessert as well. Apparently it is from the old dynasty.

If you are wondering how it looks like, it looks like this ! haha. It tasted a bit like soya but it is not soya. I think it is made of milk. The price for this is RMB 8. Other than this, there's other dessert such as yogurt and etc. According to them, it gives good skin complexion. And now I know why their skin look so nice.

I think I will still go back there if I happen to visit Beijing again. There's so much to see at Old Beijing. :)

I shall end my post here.
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