Saturday, November 6, 2010

The end of Uni nightmare

Nop. I'm not graduating anytime soon. Yesterday was the day we had a major presentation. The preparation was very tiring. We went to print our reports on tuesday night and a drama happened. First, I printed the full report. Then, my friend took the pendrive away because they need some information from it for the packaging and etc. A bunch of malay boys came in and they used the computer which I was using. After that, I wanted to print the appendix and content for our project. I insert the thumbdrive into the computer which I was using, the computer restarted. I tried the other computer and I realize that all files were not there anymore. It means that we cant finish the rest of the report. :( The nightmare continue as the pendrive infected my friend's and my KNU pendrive. fml. However, we get everything done in the morning and we get praised for the job well done. =)

106- 3/11/2010

The end of FPD nightmare. With my beloved group members :)

Me holding our packaging. Nice right? :)

Till then, can't wait for the awesome weekend !

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