Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The happening weekend.

It started with a small farewell at Station 1. With lotsa screaming and laughing.
Followed by working very hard for two days. I think working at a place that I often go is a bad thing. I have to say hi to everyone when I'm there. I think I should stop going to the place for a while till everyone forget who I am. Blehh.
Woke up very early the next day to go market, followed by karaoke and steamboat party!
Guess what? This group of people will be going to Cameron next week! No more pd-annual-trip.
I think I had not enough sleep because I woke up with 2 ulcer. fml. But, I managed to drag myself to jj at 10am  the next day to meet the classmates.
Came home with a tired body and slept for 12 hrs straight. Wye Lyng laughed at me when I was picking prawn at tesco. We both laughed at ourselves when we said 'Okay, let's go home and cook dinner'. We sound so old. FOL.

Have to stop right now before my mom start yelling at me as she's waiting for me to help her clean the pouch. grr.. 

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