Saturday, December 18, 2010

random 33

I'm running out of ideas for the tittle of my blog post. grrr.

I didn't use my brain to think enough lately except using my brain to think how to make people to buy more products last week. My friend and I agreed that we tried our best to con persuade people to buy more so that we can hit our sales target.

K texted me yesterday to see if I'm going to JB tonight for the awards night. I really wanted to go there but most friends from my batch are not going and even mommy has to skip it for her replacement class. fml. I have a good feeling about it and I actually thought of buying a bus ticket this morning and get to JB asap. If I'm going there this weekend, I can't spend more time there as I need to get back to Sban for CH trip. Maybe next weekend. Mom said I need to help my sis to move all her stuff to uni since she will be at JB till tomorrow evening. Parents and I will be playing maids then. Interesting kan? 

I'm running out of nice dramas and I'm now stuck with Tw TV show. Can somebody tell me what happened to the US drama at pps? I want my Nikita back. =(

Okay. got to stop babbling right now. I'm sending out Christmas love today! 3 more cards to go!


Anonymous said...


ryn said... shows til jan. i wan gossip girls. nikita good? i shall start

IuhniX said...

nikita is good. she's very yeng