Thursday, January 20, 2011

D16- I can show you pictures!

I was at the other branch earlier where I can bring my mobile phone in. The department which I currently work at doesnt allow us to bring anything in. Yeap, so I can't show all of you pics from there. Gotta show you how cold the place is. hahaa.

This is me in the astronaut uniform which I mentioned earlier. It doesn't matter what I wore to work because I need to wear this uniform and sweater for sure. If not, I can't survive for a day.
This is the door to the cold room where they keep all the finished product. The temperature is -18 degree and below. Can you see the ice accumulating from outside of the door?
The side of the door.

Inside the room.

If you look at the ceiling properly, you will notice there's something there. And when it fell, it's like snowing in the room. It looks exactly like the snow I saw at Japan years ago.

Now, I can experience winter at Malaysia everyday. No. It's not something to be proud of. It had been 3 hours since I came back from office and I felt that I'm still in thawing mode. =(

p/s: I'm working on a task right now which requires me to stay in a super cold condition. Hope that I can survive the whole process instead of falling sick. tell more soon! 

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