Tuesday, January 18, 2011

D13 - I froze my own fingers

I was helping the supervisor to unpack the products from the old packaging and pack it to a new one. But, those product had been in the freezer for I-dont-know-how-many-months. When I was packing the sausages, I felt my fingers went numb and I thought that I froze my fingers. wtf. Maybe one packet wont affect much. But, think of around 20 crates of frozen food. Then, I choose to open up the packaging and let the others do the packing. lol. I'm anticipating tomorrow because they are going to make smoke duck! I wonder how are they going to do it. Sigh I wish that I have time to go and see the process of deboning the whole duck as they only do it once a month. Remember I said that we are like the supervisors earlier? Supervising is so boring because what you do is observe and observe. I do help out a little bit but I'm refraining myself from doing too much because I don't want to be cheap labour. Those makcik is getting smarter in ordering us around <s>doing their job</s> helping them out. The three of us might have different lunch time soon due to our different in workload. =(

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