Tuesday, January 25, 2011

D21- Lackofatitle

I'm dying for january to end. I have to drag myself to work everyday. All of us agreed on that. I had new task now but I'm still blur about the overall JD. I expected a challenging work ahead but nothing happened since yesterday. Perhaps I should wait. My manager asked me the same question 5 times yesterday. "What have you learn today?' I seriously don't know how to answer him because the person who was suppose to teach me didn't get to teach me and the computer broke down yesterday. They tried to explain about their computer system to me but I still can't get the whole concept. It is so confusing. I have only one week to learn and I have to take over their job. I think I'm going sabaw soon.

We were saying that our JD didn't match our field of study. I think everyone can do production and they dont need food science background except for GMP. The other intern told me that her friends are doing mechanic work now because they study about machine too. ftl.

I think student life is still the best because we get enough holiday for festive season. You have no idea how difficult is that to get 2 days off from the company. =(

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