Friday, January 28, 2011

Lost a friend in a foreign country?

From a backdated draft. 
The weather was real bad when I'm about to leave Dalian for Hangzhou. My flight was delayed. for 16 HOURS! I was very mad at the airport or I should say frustrated. The only thing that I'm worried at that time is my travel partner whom I suppose to meet at HZ airport on that day. Her flight will arrive at around 11pm and mine is suppose to arrive 1 hour later. It sounds like a perfect plan for the both of us. We didn't plan anything before that because we plan to stay a night at the airport as there's no transit bus at midnight. Our plan suppose to be perfect. But then, god decide to make it adventurous for us.

Minus the bad weather part. I texted her about the flight delay but there's no reply from her. So, I assume that she got my message. There's one thing about china mobile number, they dont allow us to make international call. As for public phone, they are the worst. You need to get a 100 RMB reload card to make phone calls.  grrr.

I texted her again before my flight depart Dalian for real but there was no reply for her. But, I expect her to see her at the arrival hall once I came out from there because that's what we planned. When I step out of the arrival hall, there's no sight of her at all. I searched for her around the arrival hall but there was no sight of her at all. Then, I went up to the departure hall but still there's no sight of her. I called the possible backpacker inn which we discussed earlier but unfortunately my friend didn't check in.

The next thing I did was switch on my laptop and search for her picture. I asked the bus ticket counter if they had seen her before. The lady told me that she was on leave the night before. Hence, I went to the airport reception counter. Do you know what they told me? They said the airport was close after 11pm as there's no flight and no passenger is allowed to stay overnight. fml. Where would my friend go if she's not at the airport? I was damn panic k? I tried to text our friends at Malaysia to ask if she actually came to HangZhou. lol. I get my sister to call her from Malaysia but my sister told me that she couldn't get her as well.

I went to the police station at the airport next. The policeman told me that they couldn't do anything about my missing friend as they can't track passport number. They can only track identity card. =( I even show them my friend's picture in case she was there before. Since they couldn't help me, I wanted to give up after searching hours at the airport. At the same time, I have no idea what to do with the rest of the trip.

Miracle happened when I step out of the police station. I saw my friend sitting in front of me talking to some random people. I was so so so happy. Imagine searching for an hour at the airport but you couldn't get anything and the person just appear in front of you like that? Praise god. We both laughed at our very first adventure. It was an exciting beginning for our 2 weeks trip.

Apparently she got all my message after we met each other. We don't understand why it took such a long time to deliver also.  Who knows what happened in between. Oh yeah. She actually ask the flight company when will my flight arrive as she got my first text message. But, they told her that the flight was cancelled due to bad weather and there wont be any flight from Dalian. She thought I won't be there as there was no news from me. I actually flew to HZ via another company as compensation for the previous ticket.

I feel that this beginning is a bit harsh for first timer. lol. But, we learnt our lesson well.  

Now you get the whole picture? dramatic kan? ahhahaa

Tell you more stories if I can remember !

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