Thursday, January 6, 2011

D3- I has chicken poo on my outfit

Nah..Not really on my outfit but on the plastic that covers my uniform.
They send us to the back of the factory where the recieving bay is located today. We were at low risk area. Basically, it is the place where you can see the chicken tranformed from a live bird to a whole leg chicken. The whole scenario is bloody.  I'm very thankful because we dont have to do anything other than observe and understand the whole process. So, if you are wondering why the chicken poo on me, do see the picture below.
The chickens came in trays like the one we saw at market. There's a few worker incharge of hanging the chicken on the moving steel. So, while the rest were waiting for their turn, these chicken will splash their shit on the floor. I don't understand how it happened but you can see chicken poo flying off from the crate very often. And that is how I kena as I was standing too near to the crate. Other than that, I had chicken drips over my uniform and also head scarf. I can't really decribe what I saw in words. But, today is indeed an eye opener. It's good to see things run in large scale. They let us take the chicken faeces sample from their anus before the chicken were sent to the slaughter man. And we helped in yield analysis before we went home. Yield analysis of chicken is not easy at all. We have to weigh the chicken after the chicken had gone through every single steps. It is very detailed. very very detailed. hahaha. Need very good cutting skill for that too. I think I can slaughter a chicken all by myself four months later if I need to do the analysis all by my own. lol.

It's good to be involve in the operation and observe all the procedure. Oh yeah. we recieved our first task today! that is develop SOP and WI for certain product! haha. It will be interesting. lol

I will be spending whole day tomorrow at a place where the temperature is below 12 degree. Perhaps I can tell more if I have pictures with me/when you see me next time =)

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