Sunday, January 9, 2011

D6- Thousand of sausage appear in front of me

I'm no longer looking forward for Friday because I have to work whole day on Saturday. fml We had training on planning and we get to go into further processing yesterday. By the end of the day, we smell like sausages and fried chicken. We spent the whole day observing how sausages and fried chicken is made. I will never eat processed food again after looking at the whole process. I'm not sure if I can tell the ingredients and the processes involved because it is p&c for the company. But, if you dont want to eat a certain food, go see how the food is produce. Then, you will never eat it again. Processed food is bad for our health because you can never imagine what they add into the food just to make more profit for the company. Hence, if you really need to buy processed food, perhaps you should pay more money for higher quality food so that you can live longer. 

Speaking of the uniform, we have to wear like ninja. We can only judge people by looking at the color of the uniform and head scarf. We always said that we look like some taliban thief when we were wearing our uniform. lol. Will post up picture if I have chance to bring my camera to the production site. Every time when we need to go to toilet/to drink water, we need to take off everything and sanitize ourselves so that we wont contaminate the food.

We ended our first week with a small talk with the manager. From there, I realized that how @ has prepare me for the future. I had spent two years dealing with people from different level and background. He was telling us that it is important to learn the art of dealing with people from different level and background which I agreed with. Sometimes, necessary is training is needed so that you can talk to them like your friend. lol. He also ask 'what will you do if I offer you a position as assistant manager of the department?' I didn't really answer his question because like I said earlier, this field is not what I want to focus at in the future. In my opinion, nothing beat the job description because the first job will determine the type of job that you will apply after that.

As for the next week, we will have our final training at the warehouse and we will be looking at special project for Sg KFC which will be quite interesting I guess. Hope that the internship gets better from time to time. haha.

Till then.

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