Wednesday, January 12, 2011

D8- We got promoted !

Yes! You got it right. We met the GM earlier and he spoke to us. He asked us not to treat ourselves as practical student but as employee as the company. You might wonder what's so special about that. Hold on. He said he's going to let us experience ourselves as supervisors ! We get to overlook the whole plant production. JW who is the only male intern got promoted as assistant manager. *woot*  He's going to help the plant manager as his assistant because they couldn't find someone for the position. Hence, he will be the one until they find someone to fill the position. But, I'm going to be another plant site and I will be working with a Thai supervisor. Hence, the idea of learning thai language pops up. I'm glad that we were given such opportunities despite the fact that the company is world second largest in poultry industry. And now who says that we couldn't learn in big company again?

*crossed finger for the three of us*

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