Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you filter your FB friends/content?

We are all into facebook. If you dont use it to stay connect with your friend, you will also use it for gaming purpose. I have friends who are really into facebook games, even my sister. I was listening to the other day and they said there's people who buy facebook credit for their virtual farm in UK. They use real money for a virtual farm. lol. no offense.

Back to the topic, do you delete your friend from your facebook account? I do review my friend list when I'm free. But before I clear my friend list, I will ask myself if that person deserve to know every single update about my life. We all know that fb is constantly violating our privacy. We were exposed in the internet. Just google your name under image and you can find pictures that you never know that they exist in the past. Imagine your future employer google your name and see all your pictures on the web. fyl.

Who will I normally delete?
1. Primary school friends who I'm not close with and not keep in touch ever since we left for Secondary school.
2. Far relative who I don't meet at least once a year.
3. People I meet from conferences but never talk with. It's easy to add them especially when I'm having the post-conference-syndrome because I felt like I had met all of them in the conference. But, after a year or so, they will disappear from my friend list for sure because I dont keep strangers in my list.

I never approve a stranger's/a people who I don't really talk to(applies after I start reviewing my friend list)/a friend of my friend if I don't know them personally. The next thing I will do after I ignore their friend request is 'mark as don't know' so that I will never appear as the people they might know or vice versa. 

So, what about people who you know but you are not close with and you don't mind  updating them about your life/your distant relatives/cousins who you are not close with and they will nag if you don't approve them? There's this function called 'limited profile'. Limited profile means they wont get frequent update from you and vice versa and they are limited to a few function only. They dont get to see your status update also I think. It's good so that we dont spam people's wall right?

As for facebook chat, some of us choose not to appear online because your 23984723 friends might talk to you at the same time and you are not in the mood to layan them. There's a trick which I just found out a few months ago. You can sort your friends into list. For example, primary school friends, high school friends, colleagues and so on. From there, you can choose to appear online to the list you want only. Amazing huh? It is good in a way so that you can chat with the people you want only. Sometimes, it is not nice if you are online and you don't chat with your friends when they nudge you right?

As for photo album/status/links, you can choose who you want to show it to/block it from when you have list. The list make things easy la instead of typing their name one by one. Then, you can choose to post whatever picture you want/status without offending someone because some people might be too perasan. I do this a lot for my photo album because I think some picture are private and only the people in the picture get to see it. They don't have to worry that their ugly pictures are exposed to the public/their parents get to see the pictures which they were tagged in. Don't worry, your privacy is safe with me. LOL My setting is always 'customize' unless those pictures are meant for tagging.

Do you hate applications? Click the 'x' button and click 'hide all'. Then, you will have a spam free fb home page.

I think I lari a lot from the actual topic and I better stop here =D

happy fb-ing!

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