Sunday, February 6, 2011

First 2 day of CNY

I ate so much for the past 3 days till I felt that I had binge syndrome.
I really need to stop eating from tomorrow onwards in order to get my healthy stomach back. :(
The only regret is that I didn't get to eat my favourite ice kacang because they no longer operate at night. I'm going to get it in March! Nothing can stop me again. hmmpp

Food from Table No.1

We can has vietnam popiah too! With all the ingredients from Vietnam :)

Rabbit glutinous rice ball to celebrate the year of rabbit.
Lunch on first day of new year with my 3rd uncle family! My parents went food hunting at the other house.
Live skype 'bai nian' with cousin at Penang. The huge white patch is actually a dog.

I posted her picture four years ago when she's 3 years old. The picture is quite blur because her 2 years old brother took it for her.

Her cute 2 y.o brother. He is very thoughtful. He went to the kitchen to look for his mom's sandal while we were standing outside the pouch barefoot. One cousin-in-law of mine thought that his mom asked him to take it for her but she later found out that it was his own idea because he dont want his mom to go out barefoot. So nice for a 2 y.o. He is very sensitive to camera and he is very generous in giving money too. =)

nahhh. he wasnt sleeping at all. 

Last but not least, family portrait !
My face tells you that I had been eating too much for the past few days.Need to go minimal next week. Thats one of the reason why I couldn't take my own portrait picture with the cheongsam.

That's all for now. 
Can't wait for the meet up marathon this weekend, next weekend and last weekend of Feb! 
Can't wait to meet all my favourite people! :)

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