Sunday, February 27, 2011


I drove to the town today just to find inspiration.
I couldn't remember the last time I walk alone on the familiar street without a purpose.
I took my camera out and snaps scene that I really like.
I drove through the back lane and observe what's in there.
I came to realize that there's a lot of small mamak shop behind the back lane of Seremban town.
There's a place called 'Happy Nasi Lemak' which I never notice it before.
The  town is very quite on Sunday morning unless you are near to the market.
I wanted to go to the market but I gave up.
I went to the lake garden and had waffle instead.
It's good to spend quality time with myself.
The last time I did that was last year.
The last time I wonder around the street, simply want to explore the place and see more for myself.
I want to do it again, not only in this town.

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