Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When a old friend contact you

Have you suddenly got a text message or phone call from someone whom you knew for years but you never keep in touch? When it happens to me, my first reaction is 'Why is this people calling me/text me?'

There's always a few reason.
1. Your friend is involve in multi level marketing and he/she want to recruit you as a team member.
2. He/She is selling a product/service and see the potential in you becoming his/her's customer.
3. He/She needs help in certain issue and want to seek for your help.
4. He/She has financial difficulties and would like to ask for your financial assistance.

I think reason 1 and 2 is pretty annoying especially when the conversation start with 'hello, how have you been doing latelty?' to 'Do you have a time? Can we meet up for a drink?'. Then, one mentor will appear and start explaining the advantage of their products and try to recruit you as their member/customer. That means you will be spending 1-2 hour listening to details which you are not interested in at all. fyl. I never like MLM. Some people told me earlier that what they were doing is not the usual pyramid version, but binary version.So, they are not sucking your money. To me, it is still the same as you will still take money from every member whom you had recruited. I think they somehow manage to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing. Oh well. Hence, when a old friend contacts you, think twice before answering the message/phone call. lol

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