Saturday, March 26, 2011

D85- I did sensory test

Yeap! I did sensory evaluation on their new product and gave comments yesterday. They are going to develop a series of ready to eat meal for Malaysian market. It is very popular in most country but not in Malaysia.

We were given a new case study on wednesday where we need to make sure half batch (350kg) of the chicken meat is within the specs(55-70g). We went in to the production site and start weighing the chicken at around 820am and we took 4 hours to complete half batch. Imagine the initial target was one batch of chicken which is 700kg of chicken meat. Actually we could have save all these trouble if the primary production site personnel did everything properly. They didn't weigh the chicken according to the required specs. That's why the four of us need to do everything all over again. However, we didn't manage to get the result because they will only run our chicken for the last batch which is at night. :(

Besides the case study, I'm still developing SOP and WI. The progress is very slow because the-person-everyone-is-afraid-of(some people even call her hantu) is always at the production site lately. She said that we shouldn't be taking pictures of the production site because it is violating the P&C etc. She will go on and on with her own assumption. Everyone in the production site hates her. Ugghh. I will only bring the camera in for SOP purpose. I'm not interested with all the equipments and set up at all. Remember the colleague I mentioned earlier? She took her camera in and took pictures and videos of every single equipment inside. When I ask her if she's going to develop the SOP for that particular machine, she didn't really answer my question. And she nearly get us in trouble on wednesday when she was taking video of the machine and the hantu pass by.  Sigh..Sometimes it is not that good to be brave. lol


QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Hi there, you are a food chemist? Cool! Hmmmmm.... I wonder what new food development is in store for us?

IuhniX said...

Yup. unfortunately trainee are not allowed to know the recipe. but do check out 7-11 few months later. :)