Tuesday, March 29, 2011

D88- It's a happy day.

Today is a happy day because the trainee's favourite worker is back! He was suppose to go back to his home country two weeks ago. But today, when I was cutting the cheese, I saw the familiar sanitizer bottle and when I look up, I saw the familiar face again. Everyone was surprise to see him again. It ended up that he's going to stay for another two weeks. lol.

Me, the other intern and my supervisor were cutting cheese and one of the worker actually ask for me from far. My supervisor was wondering why is the worker looking for me instead of her. I was curious too. When I ask him the reason, he actually said 'It's already 5pm, go home!' I went =.='''''

The people there are getting easier to work with and I have a feeling that I'm going to miss most of them soon.

I'm happy today, despite the numb thumb.
One more month to go! =)

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