Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bangkok 02

Heya! It's me -Cocobear again. Phew, I think I need a more macho name. Coco sounds so lady. :(
I'm here to blog about our day 2 in Bangkok. I just came back from a 9 days trip and it was super fun! Much to my type of adventure. I'm macho and I love to do adventurous stuff.

We walk to N13 pier near Khao San Road after breakfast. It is known as Phra Arthit. We took the boat and stop at N9.

There's a tourist information booth after you walk out of N9. According to them, its better to visit GP first then turn left and the exit and walk to Wat Pho instead of turning right to Wat Pho.

The entrance fee to GP is 350 Bath(They will stop selling ticket at 3pm but the palace open till 5pm/530pm) The ticket consist of entrance to Grand Palace, Dusit Palace(far from GP) and the museum inside GP but you have to use it within 7 days. The dress code is very strictalthough I went in naked (I'm a bear and I don't wear clothes)They will lend you sarongs and proper top with a deposit. You can get back the money after you return the attire.

Tips: Get the free guide from GP at 10am, 1030am, 130pm and 2pm.  The guide will explain all the basic things that you need to know about the place. Their guide, Mr Tuy is very nice and I had learnt a lot from him. when I was hiding inside the backpack of course

It's time to show you my handsome pichas!
Oppss.This is not me larrrrr. This is the guardian of the temple.
Part of the temple. I love the sky but definitely not the weather! I feel like peeling off my fur when I was in Bangkok. It was so stuffy and hot. :(
The main temple.
Decoration on the wall of the temple.
My nose touching the tip of the stupa.
Me with one of the statue.
Ahhhhhh..When I take picture with this stupa, it proves that I've been to GP. =)
With the ceramic wall on one of the temple.

I was so tired after walking under the big hot sun.
After visiting the museum(It was included in the ticket earlier), we spot a shop which allow us to send postcard oversea! yayyy for me.
I enjoyed being a postman. Luckily everyone got their postcard already =)

After Grand Palace, jie jie and her friends decided not to do any tourist attraction anymore because they couldn't stand the hot weather. We took a cab to Chinatown instead! Yes for my tummy! They paid 80 bath for the fare but you can choose to take bus 53 or take the boat to N5.

You must go to Chinatown for food. There's lots of snack there. You won't regret for sure. Now, I understand why my tummy grew bigger when I get to travel more :(

They went to Pratunam area after lunch. Chinatown is good for those who like to buy in bulk, the same goes to Pratunam market. You will get wholesale price when you buy three piece together. I didn't do any shopping because they don't sell clothes to bear. I should open a shop there in the future and I believe that I can earn a lot from the locals. $_$

Jie jie and her friends went to Patpong night market after their dinner. I thought it was a normal night market. I was right because it look exactly like Petaling Street. But, the night market is located in front of the red light district. *cover eyes with hand* They actually offer menus for sex show. *cover eyes with both hand* And they have shops with different theme/girls with different uniforms for different customers. Too much for an innocent bear like me. @.@

That's all for now! I will keep writing. Gonna drink some honey for breakfast.



Mui Hwee said...

Wow~ cocobear, u should ask jiejie to buy u minimum 3 pcs of clothes at pratunam market so that u wont be naked again for the next trip! ;D

IuhniX said...

The size is too big for me. I need special made shirt. :(

ken said...

the bear is enjoying his trip at bangkok ah.. haha.. nice :)

IuhniX said...

haha. yeap!