Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two months

The past two months had been a crazy roller coaster ride. I was packed with schelude without any rest. I can only remember the important parts, work-travel-work-faci-travel. Every single day was filled with excitement and something new.
I think the one which affects me the most is the recent trip to S21 Genocide Museum.
I remember walking through the blocks early in the morning. It was windy and I had goosebumps when I first step into the place and walking through the blocks.
I saw the pictures on the wall and the biography written by survivors from the Khmer Rouge Era. I learnt a lot about their history and how the past lead to the current situation in the country - The clear line between the rich and the poor.

I met the poor people who live at the countryside.
I saw those innocent eyes of the little girl who sat in front of me in the bus.
I met the little boy who cling on my friend so that she can give him money to buy milk.
I met those children who were so desperate in selling souvenirs to the tourist.
I met the rich kids who dine in a fancy restaurant with the latest technology in their hand.
I met those women who wandered around the street, trying to look for potential customers.
I met desperate TukTuk drivers who tries to get customers on the street.
I met those vendors who tried to rip us off and yet they told us that they gave us the cheapest price because we are chinese.
I met the guy who told me that his family almost got killed by the army and was saved by a simple letter.

These make me think a lot.

I'm glad that I did this trip.

I start to see things from a different perspective.

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