Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi everyone!
Do you miss me? lol
It's my day 5 in Indonesia !
Things had been great so far. I met lots of nice people here. Traveling with the locals is so much fun ! Bandung and Jogja are great! We ate cheese Indomie in Bandung and it is definitely different from what we have back home. I didn't feel that I'm in a other country on the first few days. But since I'm in Jogja now, I'm traveling a lot. like a tourist. Borobudur was amazing. Prambanan was so-so. I think it is because I had seen Angkor Wat earlier so this is not a surprise for me anymore. My host are great! I had been experience lots of local lifestyle because of them. I learn how to play Gamelan yesterday! I'm grateful that my teacher was patient because I nearly ruin the songs. hahaha.

Seven more days to go.
Will write more soon ! 

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