Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last weekend

It was back in August if I'm not mistaken. I saw this opportunity and I grabbed it without thinking much. Perhaps I knew that I will be bored with my semester especially when almost everyone I knew had graduate. Although I was busy juggling between studies and preparation but I didn't regret at all. Thanks to my considerate team mates and friends. I'm glad that I made the right decisions. I met friends whom I knew last semester break and laughed as hard as I could throughout the weekend. I forgot the last time I had so much fun. I forgot the last time I had that energy in me. I guess the only sad thing is that we didn't really get to talk much as we were very busy with our own sessions and work. Another thing is I didn't get to know any juniors from the same uni as me as I was in a different track and I didn't get to talk to anyone.
One of my friend ask 'Is this really your last activity?' Oh well, even me, myself couldn't give myself a concrete answer. I'm not sure but if time permits, I want to have more exposure before I graduate.*wink(

It's November already! Omigosh. That indicates that there's only two months left till year 2012. Two more months till I review my new year resolution. I done 4 of them for sure. I guess it's time to buck up! November, please be good to me. Don't try to be as nasty as October. Errrr wait. How can November be good when there's 4 mid term exam right after the holiday? Sigh. Why am I getting the 'fml' feeling so often lately?

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