Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture time!

I think I've pass through the period where I want to take pictures and keep it as memory. I went to this conference last weekend and I didn't take any pictures at all. Perhaps it is because there's too many dslr around and my canon ixus look so unprofessional there. And the best thing is I get to play with both canon and nikon at the same time and I think I made my decision on which brand to buy. I think there's no point arguing which is the best. They are equally good in their own way. The most important thing is that I feel comfortable with it. :) Here's some pics and it is related to the post I mentioned earlier.
I got the pics from JL and I really like all of them. 
Here's our faci group picture. 

We took this when the delegates doing their group discussion.
Below are the pictures I remember I took with JL's dslr. There's more I think but he didn't upload them. I will wait till I get the rest of the pics later. :) Just let me know what do you think ;)

Till then. :)

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