Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Of fishballs and me

It's h-o-l-i-d-a-y!
Well, not really a holiday. It's actually stay-at-home-for-studying-and-assignment-week. Phewww
There's only 6 weeks left after this mid sem break. something I'm so not looking forward to it. There's 4 exams and a few submissions waiting for me. Not forget to mention about my lab sessions. Sigh. I wonder if I can start my lab by this semester which I need to do so or else I will get stuck. #fml If you don't know, I'm going to create a new fishball which contain seaweed products. Not the original green colour seaweed which you can get from supermarket. The seaweed suppose to alter the texture of the fishball and make it taste better (better texture and mouthfeel). But the problem is that I couldn't allocate the two most important ingredients. *criessss* There's a series of test which I have to do before this semester ends or else you will see me for another year in UKM. TOUCH WOOD If this happens, I will apply for the one semester exchange programme in South Korea next year. *touch wood touch wood* I must grad on time. I don't know what others think if I were to graduate with my sister. *touch wood* This plan B have to go away, far awayyyyy  No matter how, I must and I will get the source asap. I don't want to spend another year in UKM. I had been through so many obstacles to get this far. You have no idea the total hiccups which happened along the way which can patahkan my semangat just like that. wtf. I'm glad that I have a supervisor who gave me suggestions and solve my issue when I'm in the most critical situation.

Nine more months till I get out of this field forever. My examiner actually suggested me to go for Master programme in the same field. There's no way I'm going to go through the whole miserable thing again.I just want to pack my bags and travel.

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