Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Sprint

This had been one of the most interesting weekend ever.
Birthday party, family gatherings, meeting up with friends and assignments!
Fyi, it's the last two weeks of the semester! *wooot* I have no idea what happened in the past 12 weeks.
Week 13 is not something I'm looking forward to.
I'm going to have 2 presentation, 3 submission, oral test and I'm going to get back my exam paper for my language courses.
I guess everything will end well in Wednesday I hope. I will mark the end of my major courses and fully concentrate on my language courses. Yes, I will be having 2 exams next week.Nop, I'm not complaining.
3 weeks till year 2012. Have you review your new year resolution? I'm going to do a review on mine too. I think I did pretty well this year. =)

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