Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taking for granted.

I heard the most interesting comment earlier. Actually, I got this quite long ago.
People thinks that I'm this or I'm that.
I just laugh at their comments.
Wait a minute. Do you think I really care about what others think about me? Hah. You are so wrong.
Do you think that that little comment will able to take me down? Another LOL.
I actually wrote this at tumblr earlier where I think life is too short to worry about all these nonsense and unimportant people. This post is a longer version of what I had written earlier.
After so many years, I realize that people who fits will stay and people who doesn't fit the puzzle anymore will leave. It happens all the time. When a friend is not a friend anymore,  it's like putting your friends into the recycle bin, when someone thinks they suit them, they will take them away. Don't you think so?.
If you want to know, I treat people around me very well and I don't care much about people whom I don't adore. People said, relationship is about giving and taking. So, how about people who enjoyed receiving and never give?
Some people might ask  'why are you so mean?'. Do you want to know why? I realize after so many years that when I treat some people really nice and gave them more than what I can give, all I received was betrayals and people who took  me for granted. It makes me feel stupid. I'm a smart girl and I don't enjoy being stupid. I don't want to cry over people who make me sad. Then, I learnt to put on a fake mask on my face. I hide everything from everyone so that they won't hurt me anymore. People start asking 'Why you don't talk much about yourself? Why are you this or that?' Did you see the point? When I talk, you complain, when I stop talking, you complain too. Sometimes, when I wore a mask for a long period of time, I couldn't differentiate between myself and me with the mask. If you are wondering, the next time when I talk to you, perhaps you should start thinking, 'Is it the real her? or is this the mask she put on just to make you happy?' It might surprise you that after you knew me for so long, you are just looking at the cover of the book, but not the content inside.
I have had enough of these situation where I think 'Hey, I don't live for you. I live to make myself happy.' I want to throw away that damn mask. And yet, people judge.Why am I trying so hard to please you/anyone in this world? Then, I told myself not to give so much and stay far away to prevent the same thing from happening again. I hate it when people are taking me for granted and took everything away from me. I stop giving. The incident today has reminded me about the same f. situation. I remember how hard I tried not to get hurt. I want to be happy. I remember my friend once told me 'When people start taking you for granted, treat them like business. They will only get what they paid for.'
I don't care what you think of me because I have more important things/people to care of. Those little comment of yours doesn't matter. Life is too short.
Oh wait, before you comment, have a good look at yourself. If you are no better than me/worst than me, please do something first before you start commenting on others. Oh wait. Are you calling/telling someone that 'You know what? She wrote this post about......' Gotcha!  Have a good look at yourself before talking about others. Karma is a bitch, don't you think so? =)

 p/s: If someone is taking you for granted, leave them. You deserve better  =)

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Julie said...

Yes, Karma is a bitch. If we are the fakers then what about them? Don't give a damn cuz we deserve better! Cheers