Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random 39

Tomorrow is the start of the last semester! Woahh..its like finally! Okay. I'm feeling old nao =( I got my result the other day and I'm so grateful. It's like the best result I got for the past 3 years. lmao. It was a very busy semester- work, facilitating, language courses and studies but I survived. I'm tempted to take more language course this semester to pull my grades a little bit higher. We will see. Work was very tiring but interesting stuff happen everyday and I get to know few more new friends. Hence, its not that bad yet. I want to tell stories of a he-she but it is 18sx for sure. I don't know where to begin with. Let me observe a little bit more and write a post about that. I met up with a few friends on Valentines Day and I felt so stress about searching for a job. They said that the market is really bad this year and there's not many job opportunities around. I saw a few potential job and yet I'm not starting so early. I have travel plans lining up till September. I can't possibly attend the interview now and tell them that I will start in October right? I'm considering the buffering period in between interviews too. Well, definitely need some consultation before I proceed.

Till then.

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