Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Worn out

The first two word which came into my mind last week. All I remember was lab-room-lab-room-lab-work.
I noticed that my previous blog posts are quite depressing. No wonder people don't read this blog anymore. It was about rants and complains which I tried to avoid writing about it all these while. Yet, that was what happened to me recently. I don't remember any happy/joyful event lately. The chinese believed that the year of dragon is very bad for people who born in the year of dragon. A series of unfortunate events have proven that the statement. I did mentioned to some people that I have to re-do my whole project from scratch last week.
I was suppose to prepare the samples for formula selection last week. I was using the fish meat from Penang. My friend somehow think that I need to use the same source for all test but I do not have enough stock left. Hence, I consulted my supervisors. I was told that I need to redo the whole batch to ensure that all fish source are the same. All the hard work gone. vanished. My mood went down to the bottom immediately. My friend accompanied me to the  nearest wholesale market to get the fishes. It's not easy to catch a live fish okay? They only provide us a scoop. Everyone were looking at us and they were curious about chinese eating catfish. Some people taught me how to cook sambal and etc with catfish. @.@ The workers helped us as the fishes were alive, not dead. To kill the catfish, they poured salt onto the fishes so that they can die in peace. It's the Halal way of killing catfish. Either with salt/ice. With the help with a few friends, I manage to fillet the fish and come out with my samples for trained panel sensory test. For the past one week, I had back-to-back lab sessions with no lunch break at all. This is just the beginning. There's more lab sessions which need to be carry out. I wonder how long I'll take to finish off everything especially when everyone is fighting for facilities and equipments. Last semester, please be good to me.

p/s: I'll try to come out with pictures post when I'm free. 

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