Monday, May 28, 2012

When one door closes..

the other window open.

I've heard this statement so many times in the past four years. This is the only statement which I truly believe in and hold on for the past four years. Sometimes,you might wonder if you should take a step forward, or remain at the same place forever, or you might feel too comfortable to make a step forward. It happens to me all the time. I wish I could stay at the same place forever, not making any changes to my current life. I always wonder what happened if I did send out the letter to request for course transfer? Everything was prepared but I pull out at the very last minute. I always remind myself of the same thing. the same statement. Whenever I thought of staying in my comfort zone, I asked myself "Why not?" and "What if?". I have no idea how the next 3 months going to be like, but if everything goes according to my plan, I'm fully booked until mid of Sept. =)
*finger crossed for next Monday*

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